1. Start by adding 3 cups of vegetable broth and one cup of Farro. I used organic Farro from either Whole Foods or Trader Joes. It cooks in less than 20 minutes. If you haven’t had Farrow before is will quickly become your favorite. It might be my favorite whole grain.
  2. Next step, you’ll want to add 4 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil to your sautĂ© pan.
  3. Now coarsely chop a large red onion and add to the olive. Once they have cooked down, roughly 3-5 minutes add your chopped garlic
  4. Be careful not to burn the garlic, it cooks quickly. Next you add your 8-10 ounces of wild mushrooms. If you just have button or Bella mushrooms in the fridge, those work in this recipe as well. Allow to cook down 3-5 minutes
  5. I like to add a little clarified butter (Ghee) at this point. It brings out the flavor of the mushroom, onion and garlic. Add 1 tablespoon and be sure not to let it burn.
  6. Now add your white wine and let the mixture reduce. The smell is incredible!
  7. Now once your Farro is fully cooked, add it back to your satué pan and mix together.
  8. Add fresh Parsley, squeeze a medium size lemon and season salt and pepper
  9. Now grate and crumble 1/3 cup of pecorino cheese. I like to fold in the cheese and then finish by adding a final grate to the top of the dish before serving! This adds a nutty, salty, delicious flavor to the dish. I hope you guys love it as much as I do.
  10. You have likely seen me cook with Farro before. It is a wonderful grain and has a very nutty chewy flavor. I love it. For more recipes, check out my library here.