Classic Greek Salad
I’ve been to Greece two times in my life. Once when I was 22 years old and I had a backpack and few dollars to my name. The second time was in 2015 when I attended one of my best friends wedding. These trips were both memorable and they have left me with special feeling about the Greek food and culture. I’ll share some photos and video below. One of my best memories from 2002, were the Greek salads in Greece. I remember coming home from my travels and dreaming about the amazing yet simple salad that the Greeks have perfected for thousands of years. The challenge I found was that the salads never tasted the same as they did back in Greece. It took years of trial and error to finally realize that they never will. The volcanic soil and un-believable weather in Greece makes it nearly impossible to replicate. With that said, I think one of the best experiences with cooking is the challenge itself. I found a way to re-create the Classic Greek Salad in a way that even the Greeks would appreciate.
  1. Wash and prep your vegetables. You can use a large bowl or two medium bowls depending on how many people you are serving. The key, as always is to use fresh produce. 
  2. Start cutting and seeding your tomatoes and peppers
  3. Cut your cucumber in half. Then use a vegetable peeler to strip vertical portions of the skin. Think vertical stripes. Then half the cucumber and cut in 1/2 inch pieces.
  4. Time to cut your red onion. I like to half the onion through the root and then cut in a diagonal (see the photo and video). This gives you strips or half-moons. Add Kalamata Olives here as well.
  5. Now add olive oil, red wine vinegar and lightly dusk with ground pepper and sea salt
  6. Add Feta cheese in chunks or strips. I think it is always better if you don’t crumble. In Greece you will often be served large portions of Feta with your salad. Some times it comes out in blocks.
  7. Finally, add your dried Oregano. Don’t worry about adding too little here. I like a heavy dose of this dried herb. Plus, it has amazing antioxidant counts as well!